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What is a 19MM Push Button Switch ?

19mm push button switch is an electrical switch widely used in various electronic and electrical devices. Its design aims to facilitate installation on panels or enclosures with a 19mm mounting hole. These switches allow manual control of circuits by pressing a button, providing a reliable and easily accessible manual operation. In this category, we will focus on two main types: the 19mm latching push button switch and the 19mm momentary push button switch.

19mm push button switch

Function of the 19MM Push Button Switch:

Firstly, let’s delve into the 19mm momentary push button switch. This type of switch establishes a circuit connection the moment the button is pressed but immediately disconnects when the button is released. This means that they are only in the powered state for the brief moment the button is pressed. This design makes momentary push button switches ideal for applications that require brief startup or triggering operations. For instance, in some devices, momentary push button switches can be used to start motors, activate one-time functions, or perform other similar short-duration tasks. Their flexibility and straightforward operation principles have led to widespread use in electronic control systems.

Next, let’s examine the 19mm latching push button switch. In contrast to the momentary type, the latching push button switch also establishes a circuit connection when the button is pressed but, unlike momentary switches, it maintains the connection until released by either pressing the button again or using other means. In other words, latching push button switches stay in the pressed state without requiring continuous pressure. This makes them well-suited for applications that require maintaining an open or closed state. For example, latching push button switches can be used as the main power switch for devices, allowing users to easily set the device to an on or off state without continuously holding the button. This type of switch is highly practical in scenarios requiring a prolonged maintenance of a specific state.

momentary and latching push button switch

Both types of 19mm push button switches are designed to meet the diverse requirements of different application scenarios. Whether momentary or latching, they share the same standardized size, fitting a 19mm mounting hole. This standardized design makes these switches easy to integrate into various devices and systems, providing engineers and designers with greater flexibility and choices.

Parameters for the Push Button Switch:

When selecting a 19mm push button switch, considerations beyond the momentary or latching type include crucial factors such as electrical specifications, including voltage and current ratings. Different applications may demand specific electrical parameters, so ensuring that the chosen switch aligns with the specific requirements is crucial. Additionally, some switches come with extra features, such as Ingress Protection (IP) ratings to resist dust and water ingress, or illuminated switches with LED indicators for visual feedback.

In conclusion, the 19mm push button switch is a widely used device in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. Its design takes into account ease of installation, reliable manual operation, and diverse application needs. Whether in industrial control systems or everyday electronic devices, these switches play a crucial role, providing users with an intuitive and effective way to control circuits.

The 19mm push button switch often comes equipped with waterproof functionality and a housing made of metal, earning it the designation of a metal button switch. This design ensures widespread applicability in environments that demand higher durability and resistance to environmental impact. Here are some key features of this type of switch:

Waterproof Functionality: Due to its waterproof features, the 19mm push button switch can operate in damp or wet environments without sustaining damage. This makes it particularly suitable for outdoor, industrial, and other settings where exposure to liquids is possible.
Metal Housing: The switch’s housing is manufactured from metal, providing additional strength and durability. The metal casing helps withstand physical damage, corrosion, and other factors that could impact the switch.
Durability: The rugged construction of the metal button switch contributes to an extended lifespan, enabling it to withstand more challenging working conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity, and vibrations.
Applicability:  Thanks to its waterproof and metal housing characteristics, this type of switch is commonly used in applications requiring robust protective performance, including marine equipment, outdoor control panels, industrial machinery, and other harsh conditions.
Operation Mode: The 19mm button switch can still be either momentary or latching, depending on specific application requirements. This means users can choose a switch suitable for momentary operations or for maintaining a state over an extended period.
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