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How to distinguish the quality of LED indicators?

What are LED indicators?

This article covers the information you need to know when choosing LED indicators.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about how to distinguish the quality of the indicator light, please read this article.

There are many kinds of lights in life;

One of them is the electric light, which was invented for lighting purposes in our lives. It was on October 21, 1879, after long-term trial and error, the American inventor Edison finally ignited the world’s first electric light with practical value.

The other is the indicator light. Its function is not simply to illuminate, but to convey a specific signal. The initial indicator light was not stable enough to convey information normally due to technical problems, and then the LED was invented. , And LED, also known as light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light; therefore, LED lamp beads are now used as the light source of the indicator, which greatly improves the stability sex.

Therefore, LED indicators are a medium that uses LED lamp beads as a light source and can be installed on equipment to interact with humans and machines.

led indicators

How to choose LED indicators?

  1. According to the different shell materials:

First of all, the shell material of the LED indicator can be divided into two types: metal shell material and plastic shell material;

According to different use environments, metal materials can be divided into stainless steel metal materials, brass materials and aluminum alloy materials;

The plastic shell is made of high temperature resistant materials of different degrees selected according to the ambient temperature of the equipment.

  1. Choose according to size:

Different sizes of equipment require different sizes of indicator lights. The smallest equipment can be light and commonly used hair dryers, ironing machines, etc.; large equipment can be electrical distribution boxes that weigh several tons, cranes, and so on.

Therefore, the size of the LED indicator also covers all types of equipment in the entire market, and the opening size can be found in the market from the smallest 6MM to the largest 30MM.

You only need to choose the size that suits your device size. If it is some special size, some factories can also provide customized production services.

Choose according to size



  1. Selection of voltage and color:

Each country has its own voltage, so the LED indicators in the market can also support customized voltages, from 3V-220V can be mass-produced.

Similarly, the light emitted by the LED is also colorful, and the specific color temperature can also be customized according to your requirements. Satisfy all your customized needs for LED indicators.

Colour temperature maps
  1. The appearance of the indicator is different:

In the metal indicator light series, the parts displayed on the device panel have three different appearances; they are flat head, concave head and high head, but the appearance is different, and LED lamp beads are also used.

The appearance of the plastic indicator is quite diverse, and the details can be understood according to the actual situation.

There is also a symbol indicator. Most of these indicators are used on the dashboard of a car. Various symbols represent different conditions of the car. Some manufacturers also support customizing the symbol or logo you want to light up. There will be unexpected effects at the time.

The appearance of the indicator is different
  1. The level of waterproof indicator light:

The difference in the use environment makes some LED indicators have to be waterproof. The current waterproof grades are IP65/IP66/IP67. The higher the grade, the better the waterproof effect.

How to distinguish the quality of the LED indicators?


The first is to check whether the certification of the indicator light you purchased is complete; if you buy it in an online store, you can find the corresponding certification in the product introduction, or you can consult the customer service staff;

If you need to buy from the manufacturer, you can ask the manufacturer to provide various certifications of the product before placing the order. The merchants with the relevant certificates are more formal and professional.

When you get the purchased LED indicators, you can check the appearance of the product, whether the surface is smooth and free of burrs, whether the thread is smooth, whether the product is assembled tightly, and whether the product accessories are already there.

When the indicator light certification you get is complete and there is no problem with the appearance, you can try to install it on your own device. When fixing it on the panel, check whether its size meets the requirements, and gently push the LED indicator light. The indicator light shifts.

Before installation, please confirm that the device has been powered off, and then connect the connection of the LED indicators to the device. After the device is completed, power on the device and check whether the indicator light is normally on.

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Research and development of new indicator lights

The last step is to observe the lighting effect of the LED indicator, check whether the light color meets the requirements, whether there are problems such as light stroboscopic or insufficient lighting;

If the LED indicators you buy is waterproof, then in a safe and low-voltage environment, you can put the indicator light in the water to see if there are any bubbles. If there is, it means that the indicator has not fully reached Waterproof requirements, do not power on!

On the contrary, if there are no bubbles, you can try to power on the indicator light to see if the indicator light can be energized normally.

There is also the problem of the life of the indicator light, which is generally based on the data on the specifications provided by the manufacturer. If the LED indicators itself is damaged and does not light up, you can contact the seller to request a replacement service, because the general indicator light All have quality assurance.

If everything is normal, you can use it with confidence.