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How Do You Choose The Best Quality Rocker Switch

How Do You Choose The Best Quality Rocker Switch


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What is a rocker switch? What can be used to determine its quality?


What is the composition of the rocker switch? In this article, we take these questions to understand in detail how to choose the ship type switch correctly.

The Best Quality Rocker Switch

Chapter 1: How much do you know about the ship switch


The company has launched various types of high-performance rocker switches. In addition to this name, there are many others, such as rocker switches, rocker switches, IO switches, power switches, etc. The structure of rocker switches is very small from that of toggle switches. It’s just that the button handle is replaced with a boat shape.


First, the characteristics of single-pole single-throw rocker switches are that they all have only one moving contact and one static contact, and only one channel. This type of switch is relatively simple and has been used more in the past, but it is rarely used now. Up.


The characteristics of the single-pole double-throw rocker switch are similar to that of the single-pole single-throw switch. It has only one moving contact, but it has two static contacts, so it can connect the static contacts on both sides respectively.


The double-pole single-throw rocker switch has two moving contacts and two static contacts respectively, so it has one more channel than a single-pole single-throw switch.


There is also the last type of double-pole double-throw rocker switch. It has a total of two moving contacts and four static contacts, so it has a total of four channels, which can respectively connect the two static contacts on both sides.


Because it appears very frequently in our lives, it means that this switch has a very wide range of applications. First, every household’s lamp switch should use it, and now the power switch off the water dispenser we use is also Basically, it also has treadmills, computer speakers, battery cars, motorcycles, LED TVs, coffee pots, power strips, massage machines, etc. It also includes the switches of commonly used household appliances, which is us. The power switches of electrical appliances used in life are basically rocker switches.


The wide application range of the rocker switch is mainly due to its characteristics. The main reason is that it does bring great convenience to our daily life, and it is extremely simple to use, and its safety factor is relatively high. This is a very important reason.


FILN is a professional manufacturer of electronic components and wiring harnesses integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. The company adheres to the concept of “reliable quality, reputation first” and insists on providing the best quality to our customers.


At present, the main products include hundreds of specifications such as rocker switches, metal buttons, various indicators, power switches, etc. The products are widely used in video, audio, household appliances, machine tools, electronic instruments, toys and other fields.


The company has an excellent technical development team and many years of experience in production management, equipped with processing equipment such as injection molding, precision stamping, ultrasonic welding, and assembly production lines and testing equipment.


1. Injection molding of product shell
2. Fully automated production
3. All-round quality inspection products
4. Neatly packed

Chapter 2: The composition of the rocker switch

1. The shell of the rocker switch

The first is that the shell part of this product is not made of ordinary plastic but PA plastic with high strength and flame retardant characteristics.

Such a shell can greatly increase the safety of this product and make each product safer when used. It is safe and can be avoided in time when encountering electrical fires.

2. Product installation method

Then, in conjunction with the stepped bayonet design, it has successfully met the requirements of various panels, and the product will not be loose or unable to be installed after the installation is completed due to the too low or too high thickness of the device panel.

3. Product wiring terminals

In the end, this part of the terminal is extremely important. Because this determines the safety and stability of the customer when using electricity, this part chooses the terminal made of copper alloy material with bright silver plating, which makes this product not only Outstanding electrical conductivity also has the advantages of outstanding anti-oxidation so that the service life of this product has been significantly improved.

Best Quality Rocker Switch

Chapter 3: What is a high-quality rocker switch

1. Hard to rust

The metal part of the rocker switch is not made of ordinary metal but stainless steel, so it is very difficult to show rust and other phenomena.

If you find that the device is showing rust during use or purchase, you should replace it in time or avoid buying such a device. The product will make you present various problems when you use it.

2. High copper thickness

In order to increase the ability of the current to pass through, the ship switch manufacturer thickened the thickness of the copper sheet and not only increased the ability of the current to pass but also reduced the resistance and anti-oxidation ability of the copper sheet.

This should be very easy to see when purchasing. Of course, it does not mean that the thicker, the better, the key is still to look at the quality of the copper. We hope that customers will pay careful attention when purchasing products.

3. Tenacity

Generally, the toughness of the rocker switch is relatively strong, especially the part of the socket is very difficult to show such phenomena as deformation, so it can ensure that the proper bite force can be maintained after the insertion is completed.Rocker Switch

Chapter 4: Points to note when selecting the ship type switch

LED Rocker switch

1. Raw material selection of ship type switch

Because with the improvement of the time of use, the material of the rocker switch will become more and more sensitive to air oxidation.


Therefore, when choosing a material, choose a strong, durable, corrosion-resistant material, so that whether it is in a high temperature drought or a humid and cold natural environment, the ship switch can maintain very good functions without deformation and damage, and can be used for a long time. Features.


The durability of the material can improve the overall service life of the electrical appliance, and people can understand the solid quality of the product from the key points.


Nowadays, when customers buy goods, the appearance is second, and the last thing they seek is perfect or solid quality. Therefore, choosing reliable quality products is the most important step.

2. Master plan of ship type switch

The more high-end products, the more appropriate the planning concept of the ship switch. Only the key points can make customers admire the exquisite planning concept.


A smart planning concept can be used successfully and effectively to save materials and indoor space. The high quality reflects the appropriate planning concept and technicality.


The master plan of the ship type switch can highlight the effective combination of individualization and specialization, and it can be counted as a successful planning idea.


The master plan is the key to the ship type switch, and it is our top priority. The current processing technology continues to break the old and the new, the technical skills have been continuously improved, and our choice of categories has become wider and wider.

3. The touch of the rocker switch

It is necessary for us to use tactile sense to touch it at close range because it is not only necessary to watch from the appearance, but also to actually touch to understand it in practice.


Once the rocker switch is touched, it will be very flexible. The less the response speed, the better the function.


This means that we are very concerned about coordination. In addition, for an electrical appliance with expensive engineering, no matter how complicated the internal power circuit is, it cannot be visually touched by customers.


The ship-type switch is flexible and can be known at a glance, so it can be immediately understood by us.


The ship type switch does not seem big, in practice it means the key points and technical strength of the manufacture of a product, so we must attach great importance to it.

4. The usual protection and maintenance specifications of the rocker switch

Many electrical appliances also need to work harder in the future of protection and maintenance.


Because the electrical appliance itself must be carefully cared for, cleaned and removed, if the ship switch itself is cumbersome and not easy to wipe or is extremely waterproof, it will also cause a lot of trouble.


Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to whether the rocker switch is usually easy to clean. Assuming that the planning is designed with exquisite materials for waterproofing, it can be more stress-relieved in future use.

5. Floating dust prevention measures

Because it is a power switch with no airtight structure, it should not be used in a place with smoke and dust.

In the case of reluctant use, protection measures such as covering layers should be considered.

6. About storage

When storing the ship type switch, in order to avoid the discoloration of the terminal part, please do not store it in the natural environment of high temperature, high temperature or low temperature, or the place where the sun is shining, and the natural environment with corrosive vapor.

Chapter 5: Introduction to CE Certification of Rocker Switch


The “CE” mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as a passport for ship switch manufacturers to open and enter the European market.


All products affixed with the “CE” mark can be sold in the EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within the EU member states.


Technical data required for CE certification of the rocker switch

The technical documents that must be prepared for CE certification have the following 8 aspects:

1. Product instruction manual.

2. Safety design documents (including key structural drawings, that is, design drawings that can reflect the climbing distance, gap, number of insulating layers and thickness).

3. Product technical conditions (or corporate standards).

4. The electrical schematic diagram of the product.

5. Product circuit diagram.

6. List of key components or raw materials (please select products with European certification marks).

7. A copy of the certificate of the whole machine or component parts.

8. Other required information.

Rocker switch certification
Rocker switch certification

Chapter 6: The difference between three-pin and four-pin rocker switch


The ship type switch has greatly expanded and made great progress over the years.


This is not only reflected in the substantial increase in the output value and output of the ship type switch but also the type and specification of the ship type switch, the technology and workmanship level of the ship type switch have achieved very considerably The results.


Manufacturers make all kinds of switches. Each switch is different in accordance with its characteristics and materials. The switches made are also different.


Generally, the rocker switch has single-pole double-throw (3 wirings) and double-pole double-throw (6 wiring, which is the so-called two single-pole double-throw).


If there is a DC power supply, a single-pole double-throw switch can be used. The method is to disconnect the positive wire of the DC power, connect one end to the switch middle connector, and the other end to either of the remaining two ends.


In general, the three-leg three-gear switch actually has only two gears, the middle position is in the state of two-way fully disconnected, and the four-leg three-gear is the real third gear.


There are two opening clips on both sides of the four-legged lighted rocker switch. Align the switch with the hole on the board and push it down, and wait for the clip to snap the switch on the board.


The ship-shaped power four-pin switch is often used as a power switch for electric heaters, electric rice cookers, electric baking pans, electric cookers and other electrical appliances, and at the same time connects and disconnects the live wire and the neutral wire.

ship type switch

    2pin switch               3pin switch              4pin switch              6pin switch                   screw feet switch                   rocker switch with wire

Chapter 7: Waterproof performance of the rocker switch


As the name suggests, the waterproof rocker switch is a rocker switch that can be operated with wet hands.

It is mainly to bring greater safety to many users who can safely use electricity in relatively humid places.

There are still more types of waterproof rocker switches on the market.

For general mechanical switches. It is to add a waterproof cover to the outside of the switch. This also greatly enhances security. But it is not very convenient to operate

Judgment criteria

1. IP waterproof standard

The main assessment standard for the waterproof performance of the rocker switch is based on the ip waterproof grade standard.

Look at the waterproof performance of the rocker switch, mainly look at the two digits XX at the back of IPXX, the first X is from 0 to 6, the highest level is 6; the second X is from 0 to 8, the highest level is 8; therefore the rocker switch The highest waterproof rating is IP68. To

2. Is the certification complete?

ROHS relevant regulations, SGS certification; and have VDE/DEMKO/KEMA (currently using EU ENEC), UL/CSA and other certifications. These are the certification requirements for high-quality rocker switches. If it is necessary to export overseas.

3. Other criteria

The rocker switch has a reasonable design, long service life, high temperature resistance and high current impact resistance, which can meet the specific needs of your products, which should be considered.

4. Matters needing attention

The specific application of these rocker switches is still restricted by many factors, such as installation method and product installation direction, airflow, pressure difference acting on the product, fluid rebound strength and working voltage; etc.

Even if its sealing technology has reached the leading level, it does not mean that the switch is completely sealed, and it is necessary to prevent the intrusion of corrosive gases or substances.

Chapter 8: Analysis of the current status of the ship-shaped switch industry

Ship type switch industry

The analysis statement of the status quo of the industry field of the ship type switch The first analysis key points are:

1. The life cycle of the switch industry.

After studying the market growth rate, demand growth rate, product variety, number of contestants, entry and exit barriers, skill changes, and user purchase behaviors in the ship type switch industry, the development stage of the industry is judged;

2. Balance of supply and demand in shopping malls in the field of switch industry.

After studying and judging the supply and demand balance of the industry field through the supply situation, demand situation and import and export situation of the switch industry field, in order to grasp the fullness of the industry field market;

3. Competition format in the field of switch industry.

After analyzing the bargaining level of suppliers and buyers in the ship type switch industry, the level of entry of potential competitors, the substitution of substitutes, and the current level of competition among competitors in the industry, we have grasped the five factors that determine the profitability of the industry. A decisive force

4. Economic operation in the field of switch industry.

The first is data analysis, including the number of competing companies in the ship type switch industry, the number of employees, total industrial output, sales output, export value, finished products, sales revenue, total profit, property, debt, industry growth ability, profitability, Ability to service debts and operations.

5. The main enterprise of the market competition in the field of the switch industry.

Including the company’s products, business conditions (BCG), financial status, competition strategy, market share, competition power (SWOT analysis) analysis, etc.

6. Analysis of investment, financing and mergers and acquisitions.

Including investment and financing project analysis, merger analysis, investment area, investment return, investment structure, etc.

7. Market marketing in the field of switch industry.

Including marketing concept, marketing model, marketing strategy, channel structure, product strategy, etc.

The current situation analysis statement of the ship type switch industry field is to analyze the current development characteristics of the ship type switch industry field, the development stage, the balance of supply and demand, the competition format, the economic operation, the main competition enterprises, the investment and financing situation, etc., aiming to grasp the ship type switch industry The current situation of the field, and provide information support for the research and judgment of the future development trend of the ship type switch industry.

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