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Customized 22MM Gravity Switch Metal Push Button Switch, Wired and Waterproof

Gravity Switch Metal Push Button Switch

1.FILN Button Switch Example:

1.1 Product Introduction:

Welcome to our latest product introduction, the 22mm Gravity push button switches, a metal push button switch  designed specifically for nail guns shooting. This button, a robust metal push button switch, is crafted from high-quality stainless steel 304, featuring two connection legs/wires, capable of handling up to 250V and 5A of current. Its compact design, measuring only 22mm in diameter without a light, makes it suitable for various nail guns shooting environments. Our clients from the USA have requested custom push button switches for nail guns, with high demands for product quality and stability. We are committed to providing them with the highest quality push button switches and services.

1.2 Customization Needs:

Through communication with our client, we discovered that the push button switches provided by their previous supplier could not withstand the impact force of nail guns shots, leading to damage and disintegration of the nail guns head after a few uses. This significantly impacted the quality and user experience of the nail guns. Consequently, the client reached out to several Chinese button companies, including FILN, hoping for a better metal push button switch solution.

1.3 Innovative Response Measures:

Based on the situation, we recommended a more stable 22MM stainless steel metal push button switch structure and provided clear product effect pictures. Considering the traditional push button switches’ susceptibility to wear and tear in nail guns shooting environments, we introduced innovative measures, adding a spring structure to counteract the impact force. Furthermore, we customized the head and internal structure of the metal push button switch to withstand the impact force of nail guns gravity shooting, thereby enhancing the product’s durability and reliability. Compared to push button switches provided by previous suppliers, our product offers better resistance to nail guns shooting, avoiding damage due to impact.

2.Understanding the Functions of the 22MM Gravity Push Button Switches

2.1 Main Functions:

The 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch is a self-locking switch, also known as a keep switch. Its design allows the switch to remain closed after being pressed until pressed again. This type of push button switches is ideal for applications that require maintaining the open or closed state until the user decides to change it, controlling the circuit current with a simple press, such as for lighting control or powering electronic devices.

2.2 Types of 22MM Gravity Push Button Switches:

The 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch offers Different pressing functions: a locking push button switches, which locks the switch in the open position when pressed and releases it upon another press; a momentary button switch, activating the switch when pressed and deactivating it when released. There are also waterproof, illuminated, and non-illuminated versions of the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch, allowing users to choose the most suitable switch based on their specific needs and application scenarios. The diversity and reliability of these push button switches make them indispensable components in electronic and electrical systems.

3.Application Scenarios for the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch:

The 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch, due to its compact size, reliable performance, and versatile design, is widely used across various scenarios. These push button switches not only fulfill basic switching functions but also adapt to special environments and needs, becoming an essential part of many fields. Here are some typical application scenarios:

3.1 Nail Guns Applications:

Trigger Control:In nail guns design, the 22MM Gravity push button switches can serve as part of the trigger mechanism. Typically set as a momentary trigger type, pressing the button activates the nail guns firing mechanism. This setup demands the push button switches to have quick response characteristics and enough durability to withstand frequent use.

Safety Lock:The 22MM Gravity push button switches on nail guns can also act as a safety lock. In this scenario, the switch controls the nail guns’ s safety mechanism, preventing accidental firing. Users must first disable the safety lock (by pressing or unlocking the button switch) before the nail guns can be activated and ready to shoot. This requires the push button switches to not only be reliable but also to provide clear feedback, ensuring users can clearly understand the safety lock’s status.

3.2 Industrial Control Systems:

In industrial production and control systems, the 22MM Gravity push button switches is used to start and stop machines, control production line operations, and activate safety systems. Their durability and reliability make them ideal for industrial environments, especially where dust proof, waterproof, or high-temperature resistance is needed.

3.3 Household Appliances:

From microwaves to washing machines, from coffee machines to air conditioners, the 22MM Gravity push button switches is found in various household appliances. They offer a simple and intuitive way for users to control the appliance’s switches and select functions.

3.4 Entertainment Devices:

In gaming consoles, electronic musical instruments, professional audio equipment, and other entertainment products, the 22MM Gravity push button switches plays a crucial role. These switches are required to provide a good tactile response and speed, and sometimes, they need unique designs and customized functions.

3.5 Outdoor Equipment:

For outdoor sports equipment, camping lights, boat control panels, and other applications, the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch is widely used for its waterproof and dust proof qualities. These scenarios demand switches that can withstand challenges from natural environments, such as rain, mud, and dust.

Through these application scenarios, we can see the versatility and flexibility of the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch, making it an indispensable component in various industries. Whether in high-demand applications in extreme environments or for convenient operations in daily life, the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch provides reliable and efficient solutions.

push button switches Applications 1

4.Understanding the Custom Features of the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch

  • 4.1 Durability and Reliability:

The addition of a spring structure and customized internal structure allows the switch to withstand the impact force of nail guns shooting, enhancing the product’s durability and reliability.

  • 4.2 Lock Design:

The lock design ensures the push button switches remains stable during use, preventing accidental activation.

  • 4.3 IP67 Waterproof Rating:

Meeting the IP67 waterproof standard, it operates stably in humid environments, ensuring the product’s reliability and safety.

  • 4.4 Wide Applicability:

Due to its compact size and high durability, it’s suitable for various nail guns shooting environments, providing users with a stable experience.

5.Factors to Consider When Choosing a 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch

When selecting a 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch, several factors need to be considered to ensure the choice meets application requirements and environmental conditions. Here are some key factors:

1. Electrical Specifications:

Consider the switch’s voltage and current carrying capacity to ensure they meet your circuit requirements. The 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch typically indicates the maximum voltage and current it can handle, such as 250V and 5A.


The material of the metal push button switch is crucial for its durability and suitability for the environment. Stainless steel 304 is a common material because it offers good corrosion resistance and structural strength, suitable for various environments.

3.Protection Level:

Choose the appropriate protection level based on the special requirements of the usage environment (e.g., exposure to water, dust, etc.), such as the IP67 waterproof rating to ensure the switch operates normally in humid conditions.

4.Mechanical Life:

Check the switch’s mechanical life, i.e., the number of operations the switch can perform. This is particularly important for applications expected to be used frequently.

5.Installation Method:

Consider the switch’s installation method and size to ensure it can fit your panel or device. 22MM refers to the mounting hole diameter, one of the dimensions to consider when choosing.

6.Operation Type:

Choose the operation type suitable for the application, such as momentary (closes when pressed, opens when released) or self-locking (remains closed after being pressed, requires another press to open).

7. Functional Features:

Select push button switches with additional features as needed, such as LED indicators, locking function, or different color options for the button.


Check if the switch has relevant safety and quality certifications, such as CE, UL, etc. These certifications indicate that the switch complies with international safety standards.

9.Brand and Supplier:

Choosing a reliable brand and supplier can ensure product quality and after-sales service. Research the supplier’s reputation, looking at user reviews and feedback.


While price should not be the sole consideration, ensure the selected product is cost-effective while meeting all other requirements.


By considering these factors comprehensively, you can select the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch that best suits your specific application needs and environmental conditions.


6.Connecting Process for the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch

The process of connecting the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch requires attention to accuracy and safety to ensure the switch works correctly and safely within the circuit. Here is a basic guide for connecting the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch:

6.1 Preparation of Tools and Materials:

  • 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch
  • Appropriate gauge wire
  • Wire stripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering tools (if soldering is required)
  • Insulating tape or heat shrink tubing

6.2 Wire Preparation:

Stripping: Use a wire stripper to remove about 1cm

of insulation from the wire’s end, exposing the copper wire.

Cleaning: If the wire end needs soldering, clean the

copper wire to remove oxidation.

push button switches Tools and Materials

6.3 Connecting the Wire to the push button switches:

Identify Terminal Points: Check the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch for its terminal points, likely marked as Normally Open (NO), Normally Closed (NC), and Common (COM).

Normally Open (NO): Contacts that close only when the switch is pressed.

Normally Closed (NC): Contacts that are closed when the switch is not pressed.

Common (COM): A terminal connected to either NO or NC contacts, completing the circuit.

Connecting the Wire:

1.For screw-fixed type terminals, insert the stripped wire end into the corresponding terminal hole and tighten the screw with a screwdriver to ensure a good electrical connection between the wire and the terminal.

2.For solder-type terminals, use soldering tools to solder the wire to the corresponding terminal. Be mindful of accuracy and safety during soldering to prevent overheating damage to the switch.

6.4 Testing and Inspection:

After connecting, use a multimeter’s continuity test function to check if the switch’s open and close states meet expectations, ensuring no short circuits or open circuits. Inspect all connection points for firmness and reliability, ensuring no looseness.

6.5 Final Installation:

Install the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch in the designated position, ensuring it is securely fixed. Use insulating tape or heat shrink tubing to insulate all exposed wires and solder joints, preventing electric shock or short circuits.

6.6 Safety Precautions:

Before performing any electrical work, ensure the power supply is disconnected to avoid the risk of electric shock. If unsure about safely completing the installation, consult a professional. Ensure the wires and switches used meet the voltage and current requirements of the intended circuit. By following these steps and precautions, you can safely and effectively connect the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch, ensuring its correct function and long-term reliability within the circuit.

7.Maintenance Methods for the 22MM Gravity Metal Push Button Switch

Proper maintenance techniques can extend the product’s lifespan and maintain its reliable quality.

7.1 Regular Inspection:

Visual Inspection: Regularly visually inspect the switch for any obvious damage, corrosion, or wear, especially around the button portion and terminal connections, which are most prone to issues.

Mechanical Operation Check: Manually operate the switch to ensure its action is smooth and without abnormal noises. Any difficulties or unusual conditions might indicate wear or internal damage.

7.2 Avoid Mechanical Damage:

Avoid Excessive Force: During use, avoid applying excessive force to the switch, which could cause mechanical damage or damage to the internal structure.

Protect the Switch from Impact: Where possible, avoid impact to the switch from hard objects, especially during handling or installation.

Test push button switches
metal push button switch Maintenance

7.3 Cleaning and Maintenance:

Regular Cleaning: Use a dry soft cloth or slightly damp cloth (ensuring no water ingress) to clean the switch surface. For the switch’s terminal connections, compressed air can be used to blow away dust and debris.

Keep Dry: Try to keep the switch environment dry to prevent corrosion or short circuits due to moisture. For waterproof switches, ensure good sealing performance and regularly check the integrity of the waterproof sealing ring.

7.4 Replacement and Upgrading:

Replace Damaged Push Button Switches: If a switch becomes irreparably damaged or its performance significantly declines, replace it promptly to avoid affecting the entire system’s reliability.

Upgrade Aged Push Button Switches: For switches that have been in use for a long time, consider upgrading them according to the latest technical standards to enhance the system’s overall performance.

About FILN

FILN not only produces metal push button switch but also customizes a variety of plastic push button switches, waterproof push button switches, metal indicator lights, plastic indicator lights, waterproof rocker switches, high-current rocker switches, etc., based on customer requirements. The company, with its diversified and customized product lines, offers clients a broad range of choices, showcasing strong production capability and flexibility. FILN is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative metal push button switch products, meeting market demands, and creating more possibilities for customers.


The 22mm Gravity Metal Push Button Switch is a high-quality product we have customized for the nail guns shooting environment, featuring excellent durability, reliability, and stability. Through the FILN company’s 22mm Gravity Metal Push Button Switch example, we can see how customized products provide precise solutions for specific application scenarios, meeting unique customer needs. From needs analysis to design, testing, and production, every step reflects a commitment to innovation and quality. As technology advances and market demands evolve, customized products will continue to play a crucial role in offering personalized solutions and driving technological innovation. We will continue to innovate, providing better products and services for our users. If you are interested in our products or have any customization needs, please feel free to contact us.

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