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Push Button Starter Switch: FILN Leading the Innovation

Introduction to FILN

Established in the 1990s, FILN is a Chinese enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of push button switches, headquartered in the rapidly developing technological landscape of China. Over the years, the company has dedicated itself to the research, design, and production of various types of push button switch products, widely utilized in electronics, automotive, industrial equipment, and numerous other fields. Through continuous technological innovation and proactive market expansion, FILN has gradually established a leading position in the push button switch industry.

filn push button starter switch

Technological Innovation and Product Quality

FILN’s success is attributed not only to its outstanding product quality but also to its relentless pursuit of technological innovation. With a professional R&D team comprising engineers, designers, and technical experts, FILN has accumulated extensive experience and innovative thinking. This team continuously introduces advanced production equipment and establishes stringent quality management systems to ensure the company’s products maintain sustained competitiveness in the market. FILN has garnered a reputable standing within the industry due to its exceptional technological prowess and professional team.

FILN push button switch

Showcasing Innovation: Push Button Starter Switch for Off-Road Motorcycles

At the October 2023 Canton Fair in China, FILN showcased a remarkable innovative product—a push button starter switch designed specifically for off-road motorcycles. This switch features a 19mm metal button, IP67 waterproof rating, suitable for 12V voltage, with a maximum current of up to 20A. Considering the rugged usage environments of off-road motorcycles, FILN’s engineers incorporated waterproof elements into the design, particularly achieving an IP68 waterproof rating by directly potting the rear of the button switch.

This technological innovation piqued the interest of a factory specializing in off-road motorcycle production. During the Canton Fair, the factory approached FILN, expressing an urgent need for a waterproof, high-current starter switch. FILN’s engineers provided a customized design solution within a mere 3 days and successfully delivered samples within a month, showcasing the company’s agility in responding to customer needs. To facilitate better connectivity and usage for the customer, FILN’s button engineers designed waterproof connectors.


Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

FILN’s success lies not only in its flexible market strategies but also in its unwavering pursuit of product quality. As a professional push button switch manufacturer, the company has solidified its position in the domestic market while actively exploring international markets. By participating in various industry exhibitions such as the Canton Fair, FILN strengthens communication with customers, demonstrates its innovation capabilities and high-quality products, and earns the trust and support of customers.

Diversified Product Line and Customization

FILN not only produces metal push button switches but also customizes various plastic push button switches, waterproof push button switches, metal indicator lights, plastic indicator lights, waterproof rocker switches, high-current rocker switches, and other diversified products according to customer requirements. With its diversified and customized product line, the company offers customers extensive choices, showcasing robust production capabilities and flexibility. FILN is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative push button switch products, meeting market demands, and creating more possibilities for customers.

FILN will insist on continuous innovation in the industry to bring you better products!


In conclusion, FILN exemplifies a company with leading technology, keen market insights, and excellent service. Looking ahead, we can expect FILN to continue achieving greater success in technological innovation, market expansion, and customer service. As one of the shining stars in China’s manufacturing industry, FILN will continue to expand its business globally, injecting more vitality and innovation into the push button switch industry.

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