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A British Inquiry From Alibaba

In March 2008, we received a British inquiry from Alibaba. com for a 6MM led indicator light. She said that the products of factories did not meet their requirements, and they had to be directly wired, metal-style, waterproof ip67.

Our company drew the drawings according to their requirements. They felt OK, so they paid for the abrasives. We took the fastest time to finish the abrasives. After 16 days, we sent the samples to the customers. After receiving the samples, the customers tested the quality and appearance of the response light for me. It exceeded their expectations. At that time, our company also paid for abrasives. It’s not very formal. Customers have flown over from the UK to instruct us to complete all the documents and standards of the indicator lights. Later, I asked that the original customer was a technical engineer.

A month later, the customer placed an order for us, during which there were many small details of communication. Now it has been 11 years. It feels that the customer, like the teacher, has taught us a lot of technical knowledge.

a British inquiry from Alibaba