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Adapter Switch Harness 22mm Wire Connector Wiring Switches

22mm Wire Connector Wiring Pigtail Socket Plug Adapter Switch Harness for Push Button Switches


This Adapter Switch Harness is suitable for FILN’s self-made metal buttons of 22 mm and above.

The base is made of yellow plastic material, which is punched out with new materials. Generally, 5 wires of different colors are produced.

1NO1NC 3 wires Yellow wire, green wire, blue wire.

The light wire is red and black

The wire is generally AWG20, the default wire length is 15 cm, if you need longer, we can also customize it.

Monochrome 2NO2NC is generally 8 wires, used with corresponding metal buttons

Two-color 2NO2NC is 9 wires, (representing that the metal button is two-color, two normally open and two normally closed)

Two-color 1NO1NC is 6 wires (representing that the metal button is two-color 1 normally open and 1 normally closed)

Three-color 1NO1NC is 7 lines

Three-color 2NO2NC is 10 wires.

When you buy this adapter switch harness, pay attention to which metal button you are using.

If you don’t understand, you can directly contact our salesperson and ask him to recommend the corresponding one to you.

All you need is to tell us whether there are special requirements for the color of the line, the length of the line, and the thickness of the line.

Then you can do it according to your requirements.

The metal button has an adapter switch harness that is more convenient to use. Customers can easily connect their terminal equipment, saving welding time and cost, simple and efficient, and the price is low.

The metal button switch and the matching adapter switch harness are switches that use buttons to push the transmission mechanism to make the moving contact and the static contact press or disconnect and realize the circuit switching.

It is a very small category among the many categories in the electrical industry. It is inconspicuous, with a wide range of series and applications in all walks of life. From my perspective, I will get to know the “elves” that can be seen everywhere but don’t care.

The first memory of the metal button switch and the adapter switch harness is that I took the train to connect to the boiling water, sometimes standing in line at the vehicle connection point, leaning on the door of the control room, attracted by the flashing indicator light, red…green…

When it comes to the color of the indicator light, it is not that we use whatever color we want to use. The country has strict standards for the color of the indicator light. Among them, GB2682-81 and IEC60073 (IEC International Electromechanical Commission abbreviation) are the colors. Regulations.

The metal button switch and the supporting adapter switch harness are a particularly magical part.

No matter where you are or on any device, you can see its existence. When we turn on the mobile phone, we press the power button, and when we turn on the TV, we press the remote control.

The buttons of the air conditioner, the button that activates when we are driving, etc., are things that we don’t care about but have always existed, but it’s this small inconspicuous button.

When it fails, the air conditioner fails in the hot summer. ; When going to the toilet, the button for flushing the toilet is broken; when taking the elevator, the button does not work properly, etc.

At that moment, the button switch attracted much attention. The thing that we didn’t care about became bright at this moment, and then we realized its importance.

At this moment we will say “the quality is really bad” and “what is this broken thing”. We agree that what matters most to a thing is not its value, not its style, but it’s quality.

The main structure of the metal button switch and the supporting adapter switch harness is composed of a button, a return spring, a contact and a shell.

It is generally made into a composite type, with a pair of normally closed contacts and a pair of normally open contacts, and even some products can pass through The series connection of the elements adds contacts. There is also a self-holding button, which can automatically maintain the closed position after pressing the button and can only be opened after the power is turned off.

What you need to pay attention to use is to pay attention to whether it is a DC circuit or an AC circuit. There is a big difference between the two circuits, and the rated power and voltage need to be determined.

Generally speaking, on different occasions, the models of the button switch and the matching adapter switch harness are different. The following are common in daily life and production. Waterproof, with a sealed shell, can prevent the intrusion of rainwater. The anticorrosive type can effectively prevent the intrusion of chemical corrosive gases, so it is mostly used in chemical plants.

Explosion-proof switches can be used in places containing explosive gas and dust, and are mostly suitable for places such as coal mines. The knob type is generally a panel-mounted type, and the operating contact needs to be rotated by hand to have two positions on and off. There is also an emergency type, which is mostly used in important emergency operations. There is a red protruding mushroom-shaped button on the shell, which can be pressed to cut off the power when necessary.

What is the quality of the metal button switch and the supporting adapter switch harness? The production specifications require strict compliance with the requirements of the People’s Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard JB/T3907-2008.

Product quality requirements must undergo safety certification, namely “CCC” certification. “CCC” certification is a certification issued by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) to manufacturers of electrical equipment.

The company that obtains the certificate should comply with national standards. “CCC” certification is also correct Effective control measures for market sales are also a necessary pass for products to enter the market.

The metal button switch and the supporting adapter switch harness are just a tiny part of the switch, it is more used in the equipment of the industrial manufacturing industry. If you are interested in these adapter switch harnesses and metal button switches, please contact us directly.


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