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Our company has many years of foreign trade experience and has many certifications worldwide, including ISO9001:2008, Ce, ip67, VDE, ROHS, SGS, UL and so on. At the same time, these certificates guarantee the absolute safety and reliability of our products. We must be your best choice. Below are all our certificates

Indicator light Patent Certificate

Indicator Light Patent Certificate

Our FILN company has applied for the national design patent certificate for this uniquely designed indicator light model: FL1P-8WQ-2.

The overall appearance design is relatively unique and has been unanimously recognized by a large number of customers at home and abroad

Rocker Switches Patent Certificate

Rocker Switches Patent Certificate

Rocker switches are a relatively common type of switch. Of course, there is a lack of waterproof rocker switches on the market. We are now doing better research and development.

And applied for its own unique utility model structure patent for the rokcer switches deve Loped


Rocker Switches CCC Certificate

For the Rocker switches produced by FILN, we have applied for CCC certification according to the GB/T14048.5-2017 standard.


Push Button Switch Patent Certificate

The company has independently developed a metal push button switch using RJ series sockets as the wiring method, which is another self-developed wiring method of the metal push button switch. We have applied for a utility model patent certificate for this.


Metal Push Button Switch Patent Certificate

Metal push button switch We also made a design, it is a kind of waterproof push button switches, our unique research and development design waterproof grade has reached IP67, and applied for the utility model patent certificate.


30MM Push Button Switch Patent Certificate

FILN’s 30MM plastic push button switches are used in China’s commercial kitchen industry, and they are basically recognized by the domestic market.

We have developed 30MM plastic push button switches and obtained their design patents. The unique mechanism is our advantage. We can also customize the pattern you want on the entire button surface.


22MM Plastic Push Button Switch Patent Certificate

22MM plastic Push button switches, compared with 30MM plastic push button switches, are different in size and similar in function. They are sometimes assembled on small electrical appliances.

The pattern can also be customized.


Plastic LED Indicator Light Patent Certificate

FILN’s FL1P plastic LED indicator light has obtained the German VDE certificate certification, the entire certificate: Prufstelle Testing and Certification Institute, the German Association of Electrical Engineers, this association is the most senior electrical engineer design association in Germany


Push Button and Rocker Switch UL Certificate

Our company’s FLM-B1 series, FLM-B2 series and 3-KCD4 series have all passed UL certification. They belong to our company’s push button switches series and rocker switches series

UL certification is established by the global testing and certification organization and standard-setting organization, ULCo., Ltd., and is the world’s highest testing organization.


Push Button GTS Certificate

Our push button switch has passed the inspection by the third-party authority inspection and certification body GTS authorized by the state, and obtained the certificate.


Push Button Switch CE Certificate

This is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as a passport for all factories and manufacturers to open and communicate with the European market. Our metal push button switches have obtained this certification.


Push Button Switch CCC Certificate

Our company’s metal push button switch has applied for CCC certificate and passed the standard GB/T14048.5-2017. The structure, quality and workmanship of the product are guaranteed, and it is safe and reliable.


Metal Push Button Patent Certificate

The switch developed by FILN has applied for a design patent certificate.

Self-developed, unique and innovative, with the same functions but easy to distinguish from most switches in the market.


19MM Push Button Switch Patent Certificate

This is the appearance design patent certificate of 19mm metal push button switches. This product is self-developed and designed, and it is very different from other push buttons on the market. The appearance is exquisite and beautiful.


Plastic Push Button Switch Patent Certificate

In order to make the plastic push button switches more convenient and more convenient and faster in the installation process, our company has introduced a plastic button with screw feet and lights, and applied for a utility model patent certificate for it.


Waterproof Rocker Switch Patent Certificate

In order to enable customers to find a real waterproof rocker switch, we have carried out research and development and launched a waterproof rocker switch version 2.0, and the waterproof level is IP67, which is practical and durable. We have applied for the appearance design patent certificate.


Waterproof Push Button Switch Patent Certificate

A waterproof plastic push button switches with wiring harness and indicator light. One product has two purposes. It can not only be equipped with wiring harness, it is easy to assemble, but also can be waterproof, and the safety is guaranteed. We have applied for the corresponding patent certificate.


30MM Plastic push button  Patent Certificate

This is 30MM plastic push button switches, specially developed for our company. It is suitable for many Chinese kitchen equipment industries. The focus is on waterproofing. We have applied for a utility model patent certificate for this.


8MM Indicator Light  Patent Certificate

The model is FL1M-8FW indicator light. This indicator light can be made in five colors of red, yellow, blue, white and green, and it can also be made in multiple colors. Both two-color and three-color can be made, with novel appearance and quality High-end.


Indicator Light and Push Button Switch VDE Certificate

We are a professional factory that develops indicator lights and push button switches. Both indicator lights and push button switches have obtained the German VDE certification, which is a kind of pride for us.


Push Button Switch ROSH Certificate

ROSH environmental protection certification, for our indicator lights or other products, whether it is environmentally friendly, this certificate is undoubtedly the best explanation.


Waterproof Indicator Light VDE Certificate

FILN indicator light, we have launched a waterproof Metal indicator light. For waterproof indicator light, it is widely used in various fields. We have conducted a waterproof test on this, and the level has reached IP67.


Indicator Light CE Certificate

The CE certificate is very important for the indicator light, whether it can pass the customs and whether the quality meets the standard. The safe production of the indicator light is essential for the industry, so the certification of the CE certificate is also essential.


8MM LED Indicator Light UL Certificate

Obtaining UL indicator light certification in the United States, for American customers, quality and safety are very good guarantees, and American customers can safely use our 8MM LED indicator lights.


Rocker Switch CB test Certificate

CB system is an international system operated by IECEE

For this system, our company’s ship type switch fully meets this requirement, which makes customers feel at ease to use.


Push Button Switch CB test Certificate

The CB system is an international system operated by IECEE.

Rocker switches meet the requirements of the CB system, and of course push button switches meet the requirements of the system.


ISO9001 Certificate

As an international quality management system standard, IOS9001 is by far the most complete set of management systems and standards in the world for quality inspection and management, and is a very important foundation for enterprise development.

FILN’s push button switches and indicator lights have IOS9001


Rocker Switch CE Certificate

The CE certification of rocker switches is a reassuring standard for customers. Our push button switches and indicator lights have this certificate. The quality and safety are guaranteed, and you can use it with confidence


Rocker Switch  Certificate

A new type of metal rocker switch certificate. We have upgraded the rocker switch. The previous rocker switches are made of plastic. We processed them to produce a metal surface that is easier to distinguish. If you are interested, please contact for free samples. .


Rocker Switch Patent Certificate

There are many types of rocker switches in our company, but the appearance of different rocker switches of different sizes is difficult to distinguish. Our company has developed a unique metal surface waterproof rocker switch and obtained the appearance design patent certificate.


Plastic Indicator Light Patent Certificate

Plastic indicator light, the model is FL1P-8WN-1. We have made a lot of appearance designs for this, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Of course, applying for an appearance design patent certificate is indispensable.