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The factory profile allows customers to quickly understand the production situation and dynamics of the products, as well as the company culture.

FILN is an electrical and electrical production-oriented industrial and trade integration company

FILN is an electrical and electrical production-oriented industrial and trade integration company. It mainly produces metal push button switches, indicator lights, rocker switches, touch control system switches, waterproof micro switches, 3PDT guitar switches and other products. The products are all developed, designed and produced by ourselves. Our advantage lies in research and development. For us, we can serve our customers quickly and provide the best quality solutions to solve their difficulties. The technical team is indispensable for R&D.

Technical team: The work of the technical team is indispensable for product development and design. Our professional R&D indicators light, push button switches, and rocker switches have all obtained corresponding certificates. The technical team can design and develop an average of 25 days. A new type of product, which controls the factory production process, and can be designed in various styles and customers who need customization. There are currently 7 technicians, all of whom are company veterans. There are 3-4 of them who have worked in the company for 15 years.

Push Button Switch Technical Team

A strong R&D strength requires real evidence. We have corresponding laboratory tests. From the tests, our FILN switch laboratory has passed UL and VDE standards, which guarantees the quality of FILN switches. The company has passed the UL, VDE, CCC.CE.ROSH international certification system. Our brand has gained a certain reputation internationally.

corresponding laboratory tests
Verification of Compliance
Verification of Compliance

Our company is an integrated company of industry and trade. The sales team is a must. The sales team provides 24-hour online services to solve the after-sales problems of the products. We have trained and graduated on the professional knowledge of indicator lights, metal push button sswitches, and ship switches. Provide customized service solutions, participated in overseas exhibitions, understand international trade rules, and have 18 years of sales experience. All are excellent personnel with professional knowledge and rich experience.

The sales team

Our factory trade is combined, and the production warehouse must be comprehensive. For aliexpress, we have a corresponding e-commerce warehouse, whose function is to deliver goods for the e-commerce platform, process orders, and pick and inventory spot.

For the management and storage of materials and the supply needed for production, we have corresponding material warehouses whose function is to store materials required for production. For example, we are divided into indicator lights area, metal push button switch area, ship switch area, and touch switch. Area.

When the goods need to be sent and cannot be produced faster, the finished product warehouse is indispensable. Its function is to store a large number of  indicator lights, metal push button switches, ship switches and other stocks, so as to prepare for the faster delivery of customers.

We are a self-produced factory
production workshop

We are a self-produced factory. Our factory workshop is relatively large. We have a production workshop, an injection workshop, an automation workshop, and a mold workshop:

  1. The production workshop is divided into: indicator light group, metal push button switches group, ship type switch group and touch control system switch group.
  2. Mold workshop: For customers who need customization, make customized molds.
  3. Injection workshop: use molds to manufacture corresponding plastic indicator light components, rocker switch components, and metal button components
  4. The automated workshop is mainly based on mechanized production, which can achieve rapid production only by operating the machinery. We are equipped with indicator lights, rocker switches, metal push button switches and other parts, as well as finished mechanical equipment.
Roeker switeh injection molding workshop
Rocker switch production workshop
Rocker switch store
Mold workshop
indicator light group
production workshop