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19MM 12v 24v momentary LED metal waterproof push button switch

Yueqing Yulin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Metal push button switch. We produce the most types of indicator lights in the country, with different sizes, shapes, functions, colors, voltages, and specifications. In order to better serve the global indicator light customers, we have applied for ROHS, CE, VDE, UL, ISO9000, etc. Metal push button switch quality certification. At present, our customer groups are mainly distributed in Europe, America, North America, Asia, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Our Metal push button switch has a wide range of applications, including packing machines, coffee machines, water dispensers, and automatic marking machines. Oven, electric fryer, washing machine, refrigerator, massage chair and other furniture and electrical equipment.

What is the structure of 19MM Metal push button switch?

19MM Metal push button switch is composed of controller, shell, contacts and feet. There are many types of button structure of Metal push button switch, which can be divided into ordinary snap button type, mushroom head type, self-locking type, and self-resetting type. , Rotary handle type, indicator light type, light symbol type and key type, etc., as well as single button, double button, i button and different combinations.

Generally, it adopts a water accumulation type structure, which is composed of a Metal push button switch cap, a return spring, a static contact, a moving contact, and a shell. The product is usually made into a composite type, with a pair of normally closed contacts and normally open contacts. The product can increase the number of contact pairs through the series connection of multiple elements.

What is the function of the 19MM Metal push button switch?

First of all, the 19MM Metal push button switch has self-resetting and self-locking functions. These two functions are determined by the presence or absence of the lock hook.

The second is to distinguish the normally closed and normally open functions of the 19MM Metal push button switch:

A self-contained Metal push button switch, which can be automatically held in the closed position after being pressed, and can be opened after the power is cut off. When the Metal push button switch is not pressed, the moving contact is connected to the static contact above, and this pair of contacts is called a normally closed contact. At this time, the moving contact is disconnected from the static contact below. This pair of contacts is called the normally open contact: press the Metal push button switch, the normally closed contact is disconnected, and the normally open contact is closed; loosen Metal push button switch, restore the original working state under the action of the return spring.

Metal push button switch, also known as control Metal push button switch (Metal push button switch for short), is a low-voltage electrical appliance that can be reset manually and automatically. Metal push button switch is usually used in the circuit to issue start or stop instructions to control the on and off of electrical coil currents such as electromagnetic starters, contactors, relays, etc., so 19MM metal push button switch also has a corresponding role.

FILN the function of the 19MM Metal push button switch
The function of the 19MM Metal push button switch

Illuminated metal push button switch has 2 kinds of pins, 1 kind and 1 normally open pin. As shown in Figure 1, a 4-pin push button switch, 2 pins are 1NO, and the other 2 pins are lamp pins. If you need the light to be always on, you only need to connect the light pin to the power source independently. If you need to control the light with a button, you only need to connect the light and the button pin in series.

The other is composite pin 1 normally open and 1 normally closed. This type of switch usually has 5 pins, 2 LED pins, switch C pin, NO pin, NC pin. The addition of NC pin makes the switch more of a kind of normally closed The function allows the switch to be used in different occasions.

For example, the led light plays the role of indicating the switch position, such as the forward and reverse rotation of the grinder, NO controls the forward rotation, and NC controls the reverse rotation. At this time, one switch perfectly implements two functions, replacing the traditional mode of two switches for one device, which greatly saves cost and facilitates the complex operation of the terminal.

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