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FILN has rich experience in independent research and development of switch buttons and solving any problems of button switches for customers.We provide very competitive quotations and can send samples to customers worldwide.We have a professional and efficient technical team to deal with all the pushbutton switch problems you encounter. Whether you are already our customer or not, we are online 24/7 to support your business.

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Who Ships with us?


Individual Buyer

In order to facilitate you to purchase a small amount of pushbutton switches, we have specially opened stores on Amazon, AliExpress and other platforms, and you can purchase them according to your needs.


Client of Company

We have all kinds of push button switch certifications around the world, with ten years of foreign trade experience and a professional quality inspection department, to ensure the quality and delivery time of push button switches.


Retailers & Wholesalers

We have a complete range of push button switches, from plastic to metal buttons, and can provide you with very competitive prices and professional after-sales service.


Customized Customers

There will be professional technical engineers who will connect with you, and provide you with the most cost-effective pushbutton switch solution according to your requirements and ideas, and complete one-to-one independently of design to samples.

Our Advantage

Since its creation in the 1990s, FILN has become one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of indicator light. We are an innovative industrial and trading company integrating R&D, production and sales. With production plants in China, FILN achieves 73% of its turnover from export markets.

The company has three factories that produce the wire-metal push button switch category and the waterproof large-current rocker switch. We are the only one that has a small indicator lamp UL certificate mainland manufacturers in China.

Push Button Switch Company Advantage

Push Button Switch

Company Advantage

FILN is an electrical and electrical production-oriented industrial and trade integration company. It mainly produces metal push button switch, rokcer switch, indicator light, touch control system switch, waterproof micro switch, 3pdt guitar switch and other products.

Products are all developed, designed and produced by ourselves. Our advantage lies in research and development.

For us, we can serve customers quickly and provide the best quality solutions to customers to solve their difficulties. Need to carry out research and development can not lack the technical team

Push Button Switch Technical Team

Push Button Switch

Technical Team

Technical team: The work of the technical team is indispensable for product development and design. Our professional R&D indicators, button switches, and rocker switches have all obtained corresponding certificates.

The technical team can design and develop a new product in an average of 25 days, control the factory production process, and can design various styles and customers who need customization.

There are currently 7 technicians, all of whom are company veterans. There are 3-4 of them who have worked in the company for 15 years.

Push Button Switch Service Team

Push Button Switch

Service Team

Our company is an integrated company of industry and trade. The sales team is a must. The sales team provides 24-hour online service to solve the after-sales problems of the product. The professional knowledge of indicator lights, metal buttons, and ship switches are trained and graduated. Provide customized service solutions, participated in overseas exhibitions, understand international trade rules, and have 18 years of sales experience. All are excellent personnel with professional knowledge and rich experience.

Push Button Switch Laboratory

Push Button Switch


A strong R&D strength requires real evidence. We have corresponding laboratory tests. From the tests, our FILN switch laboratory has passed UL and VDE standards, which guarantees the quality of FILN switches. The company has passed the UL, VDE, CCC.CE.ROSH international certification system. Our brand has gained a certain reputation internationally.

Filn Push Button Switch exhibition history

Filn Push Button Switch Factory floor photograph


Utility model patent certificate
Push Button Switch Patent Certificate
Appearance design patent certificate
ROCKER Switch Patent Certificate
Appearance design patent certificate
Inidicator light Patent Certificate
Appearance design patent certificate
Indicator light Patent Certificate